She has a research doctorate in Medieval Archaeology at the University of Siena, along with a wide range of experience in the research sector and in the evaluation of cultural and landscape assets, especially in the development and implementation of archaeological prospection, archival studies and the analysis and processing of data. In recent years she has also turned her attention to the evaluation and promotion of cultural resources. She has demonstrated a capacity to work either in groups or individually, and has directorial and organisational abilities that allow her to set targets and motivate work-groups to achieve them. She has good computer skills and excellent design abilities.

She has been Visiting Scholar at the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research University of Cambridge from 2014 to 2016. In 2014 she achieved the National (Italian) Academic Qualification as Associate Professor on Archaeology. She was Post-graduate fellow at the Masaccio Foundation of the the CGT (Geotechnology Centre – University of Siena), aimed to the implementation of the National Archaeological Geographic Information System (Sitan) of Valdarno: data acquisition and analysis of transformations in the diachrony. She is the General Secretary to the Board of Management of the PAVA Foundation and founder member of the spin-off company ATS ltd (Archaeolandscapes Tech&Survey).