Ken Saito comes originally from Japan but have spent two years studying in the UK and for the past four years working and studying in Italy. My undergraduate degree in Social Sciences in Japan has been supplemented by an MA in archaeology at the University of Nottingham and an MA in Preventive Archaeology at the University of Siena.

In Italy, I have been working full-time on data collection, post-processing, interpretation and GIS-input for large-scale and continuing geophysical survey for archaeology within Emptyscapes project since 2007.

In Italy I have also taken part in excavation work and the collection and processing of excavation data.

In the four years since 2010 I have been a team member with the Ughtasar Rock Art Project in Armenia, responsibility for GPS survey, specialist photography and more recently with 3D recording, post-processing and visualization using multi-image photogrammetry (Structure from Motion, Agisoft PhotoScan). In the coming years I plan to further develop my specializations in geophysical survey and 3D recording in archaeology.

In November 2023 I got my PhD at the University of Pisa.