He received a PhD in Roman Archaeology from King’s College London. His research interests include ancient harbour archaeology, with a focus on the Adriatic region.

He is particularly interested in Roman harbours, shipwrecks and seafarings, as well as ancient iconography and antiquarian reception. More recently he investigated the dynamics of iconographies and visual receptions of maritime cityscapes in the Mediterranean and their symbolic meaning in antiquity, which is the topic of his monograph ‘Visualizing Harbours in the Classical World. Iconography and Representation around the Mediterranean’, published by Bloomsbury.

He was research associate at the Institute of Classical Studies, University of London, and staff member of the Portus Project excavation. During his research fellowship at the HCMH, Federico will work on Hadriaticum, a study of the port system of the Northern Adriatic basin and its network of coastal and rural settlements in the Roman period (200 BCE – 300 CE).