I was educated at the University of Bologna in the Prehistory and Protohistory group of Maurizio Tosi and Maurizio Cattani, and obtained my Ph.D. at the University of Udine under the supervision of Elisabetta Borgna and Alessandro Fontana. During this period, I developed a great deal of archaeological experience in the study of archaeological landscapes centred principally on the prehistoric and protohistoric periods. I further deepened my theoretical and methodological skills during my post-doctorate at the Mlab at the ICTP and at the University of Trieste joining several archaeological research expeditions in Italy and abroad, including occupying a leading role (see Research Expeditions).

The general goal of my research is to understand the evolution of landscapes through time and the interplay between man and the environment in the past. My research topics include the study of settlement forms and patterns, economic systems and paleo-environments through the application and development of quantitative methods and techniques.
I have a solid background in remote sensed-data analysis through GIS LiDAR, historical cartography and photo-interpretation and fieldwork, including stratigraphic corings and excavations, surface surveys, material studies and photogrammetry.